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This is @salprovan - she's my friend. 👫 #tedbaker #tedtotoe

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The Fox in Adelaide - Part 3

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The Promethean
Everyone at the gig was confused. It was a queer intergenerational melting pot and no one looked happy about it. I could not stop laughing.
The fox walked out rubbing his hands together and addressed the fruit salad crowd: "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we are all inclusionists. In addition to the fine show that you expected, we will play host the Annual Adelaide Seniors Dance Meet. We mods miss the mastery of the mature, and tonight what will quicken the mature, is the music of the mod.”
Silence from the room but The Fox only grinned. 
“Your adjudicators tonight will be myself and the cruelly talented miss 小一利!” She walked onto the stage and unified the men in the crowd.
I spotted ‘Sir Lancelot’ Ferguson at the helm of the band and he laughed a hearty “One, Two, Three, Four!” He took us, and the first contestants into House Of Bamboo. Shocked by the tempo, they almost staggered, but their feet belonged to The Fox. We watched as music rewound age, and time was their friend again. They bounced through their Quick Step all giggling hoots and glee yielded to disbelief.
Earl Grant would have heard the roar from beyond. The room was on its feet and the night belonged to us all.
To finish, Sir Lance counted the room into I Wanna Chance for Romance.
“Yvette!” howled Fox and 小一利 was on him by the up-beat. They showed us the meaning of dance. 
Afters were at The Promethean. The AASDM committee were unanimous: "Best annual meet in years."
116 Grote Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
+61 8 8212 0266




The Fox in Adelaide - Part 2

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The Marquis
“Unacceptable." cussed our Fox. "Age makes a smoother mover and though their joints be stiff, their joy is well practiced. And well earned. I was looking forward to judging their meet."
 We were sat at The Marquis. An airy place where light and class are lovers. Mr Fox cogged at the problem, while I inwardly cooed over my steak and tried not to stare at 小一利.
Finally he looked up saying. “You’re right. We can’t be in two places at once. How did you get us booked to judge the comp?”
“I have judged the comp before. Joan Parsons runs the venue and Doug runs the meet. Why?!”
“I need your phones and everything you know about Joan and Doug including their numbers?” said The Fox unto us.
小一利 and I shared a look - the first since our intro that morning and I handed over my phone while she trawled her memory for facts about Joan and Doug.
“That’s enough” he suddenly said and dialled Doug’s number into my phone.
The call answered and when he spoke again my mouth went dry around my steak. It was not his voice but that of a 51 year old female.
“Hello Doug. Joan Parsons. Sorry about this but we’ve double booked the centre tonight and we won’t be able to accommodate you after all. So sorry.” And he hung up the phone.
“You just broke 30 octogenarian hearts.” Said 小一利 taking a sip at her wine.
Moments later 小一利’s phone rang. The Fox answered, this time in his own voice.
“Hello Doug. I heard you lost your venue. Not to worry I have a venue that is free tonight and perfect for your needs.”
Seconds later he accepted Dougs gratitude with humility and ended the call.
“Sorted. Desert?”
13 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA
Tel: +61 8 7071 7700



Memoirs of a Valli Man

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Jersey Boys is extremely special in many ways. It’s not just a ground-breaking Broadway musical that tells the unique story of four guys from the streets of New Jersey.

It’s not just a major movie directed by Clint Eastwood bound for all manner of success and awards. But it is a story that can change lives…. to the people that lived it, the people that see it and also the people that tell it. 


I had the distinct opportunity, and pleasure, to play the front man of the Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, for approximately three years and Jersey Boys did exactly that.. It changed my life. And quite quickly, I might add. 


A couple months after I got the call to say I landed the gig, I found myself at Legacy Studios in NYC in a (HUGE!) recording studio being vocally directed by Bob Gaudio. (In case you don’t know who I’m talking about there… Original Four Season member and writer of ALL their music). I spent five days with a legend. I don’t think I fully understood what was happening at the time. Certainly now after recording and releasing my own album, I can’t tell you what that did for me as a singer and artist. He was an amazingly patient guy and he actually told me that I had the “chops” that Frankie has, but where I really needed focus was as a story teller. Frankie is an amazing interpreter of lyrics; it’s what drew Bob to him in the first place. Bob said that Frankie could sing ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and have you in tears. Listening back on those recordings, it’s clear as day what Bob was speaking about. I wonder what he’d think of my vocals on my album now. 


That kind of experience is what moulds an artist. Hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth like that… But a couple years into playing the part I got the chance to see the man himself, Frankie Valli, live in concert. This wasn’t the first time I’d met him. It was the third.


The first time was when we launched the Australian production of Jersey Boys in Las Vegas, in the Jersey Boys Theatre at the Palazzo Hotel. 


The second was on St Patricks day, two years later. (Where Frankie tried to convince me that St Patrick was Italian. Italians.) He was in to see the show. BIZARRE experience. Knowing he was watching me, playing him, with me, knowing he was there. Weird. 


But the third was time different. It was just me and him. I went back stage after the concert. Just the man, and the young man telling his story every night. We spoke for about two hours. About a lot of things. Music, women, family, singing, storytelling…. I generally don’t go into much detail when asked about that conversation. That one is between me and Frankie. It was cool. 


And now a couple years on from leaving that “joyride”, I have the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tune, ‘The Night’, on my own album. How COOL IS THAT?! I’ve added the original version to my Four Seasons Spotify playlist along with some others that didn’t make it to the stage show or movie that you can check out. My favourite is a song called “Everybody Knows My Name”. The lyrics are blinding and Frankie’s delivery is everything Bob was talking about in our “Legacy Sessions”. I particularly love the boys coming in and chanting the title lyric over and over again at the end. Makes me think of them on tour and going through it all together. 


Play it loud and listen to a man tell his story. I do. 


To Frankie and Bob - Thank you. 





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Pick up sticks and learn new tricks at the House of Bamboo where everything from the salsa to the big beat will get your feet moving. This rhyming classic helps you trade the blues for a dose of bamboo groove.
Glass type: Rocks
50 ml  (13⁄4 fl oz) Ron Matusalem Platino rum
10 ml (1⁄4 fl oz) lemon myrtle liqueur

20 ml (3⁄4 fl oz) fresh lime juice

10 ml (1⁄4 fl oz) pineapple juice

15 ml (1⁄2 fl oz) sugar syrup 
5 ml (1⁄4 fl oz) yuzu curd
Shake with ice and strain all the ingredients into a rocks glass with ice cubes.
Words by Jane 'Rocktails' Rocca